Favorite Winter Activities Slideshow (Grades K-5)

View this collection of our favorite winter-themed activities, lessons, and printables. Click through the slideshow to find the activities that fit your curriculum the best, or try them all! You'll find plenty of printable worksheets about snow, science activities involving creating crystals, journaling ideas to help students practice observation of the weather, winter holidays activities, and more.
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Celebrate winter with an arts and crafts activity. Each student will create a snowperson for a bulletin board display. Students will learn about sequencing by writing down the steps taken to complete their snowperson.

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Four books by Jan Brett – Trouble with Trolls, The Night Before Christmas, Annie and the Wild Animals, and The Mitten – are featured with winter activities and resources.

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Introduce upper-elementary and intermediate students to independent research with these winter holiday projects.

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The first thing most people notice about weather is the temperature. This activity will show you how to make a thermometer.

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In this activity, children draw a diagram to explain what happens during the winter solstice.

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In this art activity, students make their own winter snowflake cards.

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In this winter science activity, your students will learn observational skills while viewing snow.

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Distribute an article that details how winter weather affects each region of the United States.

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Students circle the appropriate clothing for the winter, in this printable.

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