TinkerActive Hands-On Science Activities Packet (Grades K-2)


This packet from TinkerActive Workbooks includes 8 hands-on science activities for grades K-2 that help students develop STEM, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills while building conceptual fluency. Using common household and classroom supplies as materials, students will engineer, tinker, read, write, and draw their way through activities like modeling and making the different parts of a plant, coloring and recording the phases of the moon, identifying states of matter. The activities in this packet are perfect for use in centers, closely-supervised guided practice, or independent takeaway assignments.

Table of Contents

  1. Water Sources Scavenger Hunt
  2. Make a Water Carrier
  3. Color and Record the Phases of the Moon
  4. Identify Light and Nutrient Sources for Plants
  5. Create a Model of Parts of a Plant
  6. Draw a Map of Your House
  7. Identify States of Matter
  8. Make a Collision

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Updated on: August 4, 2020
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