TinkerActive Project-Based Learning Activity Packet (Grades K-2)


This packet from TinkerActive Workbooks includes 8 hands-on activities for math, science, and language arts that help students develop STEM, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills while building conceptual fluency. Using common household and classroom supplies as materials, students will engineer, tinker, read, write, and draw their way through activities like making a Weather Wheel and iterating a drawing from draft to final. The activities in this packet are perfect for use in centers, closely-supervised guided practice, or independent takeaway assignments.

Table of Contents

  1. Let's Engineer: Weather Wheel
  2. Let's Tinker: Make Your Own Air Rocket
  3. Let's Learn About: Counting
  4. Draw a MotMot
  5. Let's Learn About: Animal Habitats
  6. Let's Learn About: Parts of a Plant
  7. Color the MotMots
  8. Let's Learn About Animal Habitats

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Updated on: August 4, 2020
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