Reading Differentiation Strategies and Activities for Middle School


Close learning gaps this Fall with differentiated reading instruction

This resource provides 4 strategies and 3 editable printables for how to plan differentiated reading instruction and implement it for your entire class. With a focus on meeting students "where they are" and designing reading instruction to close pandemic-related learning gaps and meet individual student needs, this practical and ready-to-use packet of strategies and tools will help you quickly and easily support students at all levels across the middle grades.

Included in this resource are:

  • 4 strategies with tips on how to put them into practice
  • An editable printable for a note-taking activity to enhance close reading
  • An editable printable focused on scrutiny of story elements
  • An editable printable for summarizing any fiction or nonfiction reading passage.

Some of the strategies featured include:

"As you read" notes

This activity will help focus readers on one paragraph at a time. Each number will pertain to a row on the “As You Read” Notes printable below. As students read, they will complete a row.


Students learn through reflecting on what they have just read. Use this printable as an individual or partner activity.
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