Math Differentiation Strategies and Activities for Middle School


Close learning gaps this Fall with differentiated math instruction

This resource provides 5 strategies and 3 editable tools and activities for how to plan differentiated math instruction and implement it for your entire class. With a focus on meeting students "where they are" and designing math instruction to close pandemic-related learning gaps and meet individual student needs, this practical and ready-to-use packet of strategies and tools will help you quickly and easily support students at all levels across the middle school grades.

What's Included

  • 5 strategies with tips on how to put them into practice
  • An editable academic math vocabulary worksheet
  • An annotation checklist
  • A list of manipulatives and modeling tools
  • Printable fraction strips and algebra tiles to use with the manipulatives list

Some of the strategies featured include:

Frontload academic math vocabulary

Use the academic math worksheet provided to explain, and later reference, in order to ensure full understanding of different mathematical terminology.


Helps students understand what exactly is being asked of them in any given word problem.

Download the resource for the rest of the strategies and editable tools.

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