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Attendance and Lunch: A Simple Set-Up

An easy system for taking attendance and organizing lunch at the beginning of the day.
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  • The teacher will streamlineattendance taking and lunch preferences.
  • Students will learn to take responsibility for themselves.
  • Students will gain a sense of the classroom culture.
  • Poster Board (to be laminated after Step 1)
  • Clothespins
  • Morning activity materials (for journal writing, math practice, quiet reading, etc.)
  1. Divide the poster board into five sections. Label each: buying lunch, buying alternate,milk only, lunch from home and home.

    Today’s Lunch

    Buying Alternate

    Lunch from Home

    Milk Only

    Buying Lunch


  2. Laminate it for protection.

  3. Write each student's name on a clothespin and place them in a cup near the poster.

  4. On the first day of school have each child place the clothespin with his/her name on it next to the appropriate box.

  5. After that, instruct the students to sit down and begin doing the morning activity you have selected.

  6. Explain that every morning will begin in this same manner throughout the school year.

While the children are doing the activity, you can record lunch and roll by seeing where the clothespins have been placed. The clothespins that were not moved reflect the children who are absent. Through this simple procedure, the children have just taken roll and lunch count plus they've gotten into a purposeful activity to start the day. Obviously you can create a different poster to reflect your school's lunch procedures.

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