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Use a handy teacher guide to explore Song and Dance Man, a book that gives children a look at Vaudeville.
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Books by Karen Ackerman

The Night Crossing

ISBN: 0679870407
Publisher: Knopf Alfred A
In 1938, having begun to feel the persecution that all Jews are experiencing in their Austrian city, Clara and her family escape over the mountains into Switzerland.
Grade Level: Intermediate, Middle
Historical Fiction

By the Dawn's Early Light

ISBN: 0689824815
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's
This is the gentle story of a family where both parents work the night shift.
Grade Levels: Intermediate, Middle
Realistic Fiction

Araminta's Paint Box

ISBN: 0689820917
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's
When her family moves from Boston to California in 1847, Araminta and her paintbox become separated, but through a series of new owners, the paintbox finds its way to California.
Grade Level: Pre-K, Primary, Intermediate
Historical Fiction

Bingleman's Midway

ISBN: 1563973669
Publisher: Boyds Mills Press
This story reveals the mysteries and wonders of the carnival.
Grade Level: Primary, Intermediate
Picture Book

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