Reading Comprehension Unit Kit for Grades 3-5

reading comprehension activities for grades 3 to 5
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A complete unit kit for teaching reading comprehension to grades 3-5

Build your students' reading comprehension skills with this teaching kit of lesson plans, comprehension questions and answer sheets. Featuring fiction and nonfiction texts, creative ways to teach reading comprehension and student activities with printable worksheets, this easy-to-use kit has everything you need for teaching reading comprehension with no hassle and no additional resources!

What's Included In This Teaching Kit

For the teacher:
  • 6 complete units, each exploring a different text, with lesson plans, comprehension questions and answers
  • Lesson plans include a warm-up, main activities, assessments and activities to take learning further, including homework ideas
  • Detailed teaching notes and 21 supporting resources guide you through the teaching sequence and minimise preparation
  • Aligned with Common Core English Language Arts Standards

For the student:

  • Creative teaching ideas to support students in developing their reading comprehension skills
  • Fun reading comprehension activities designed to be carried out independently, either as a whole class or in groups
  • Assessment sheet for monitoring and assessing students’ skills and knowledge for each unit
  • Fiction and nonfiction texts - including extracts from The Velveteen Rabbit, The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood and The Little Prince

What You'll Find Inside

Unit 1: The Velveteen Rabbit (pages 7-14)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Extract of The Velveteen Rabbit
  • Comprehension Questions for The Velveteen Rabbit
  • Comprehension Answers
  • Activity: Old-fashioned to Modern Day
  • Activity: What’s in the Bag

Unit 2: The Little Mermaid (pages 15-24)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Abridged Extract of The Little Mermaid
  • Comprehension Questions for The Little Mermaid
  • Comprehension Answers
  • Activity: Underwater Similes
  • Underwater Similes Answers
  • Activity: Through the Eyes of a Mermaid

Unit 3: Robin Hood (pages 25-35)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Extract of Robin Hood
  • Comprehension Questions for Robin Hood
  • Comprehension Answers
  • Activity: Retelling Robin Hood
  • Activity: Robin Hood’s Arrows

Unit 4: The Little Prince (pages 36-44)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Extract of The Little Prince
  • Comprehension Questions for The Little Prince
  • Comprehension Answers
  • Activity: Unlocking Words

Unit 5: Four Square (pages 45-50)

  • Teaching Notes
  • Instructionals for Four Square
  • Comprehension Questions for Instructionals for Four Square
  • Comprehension Answers
  • Activity: Instructional Text Detectives

Unit 6: A Letter (pages 51-56)

  • Teaching Notes
  • A Letter
  • Comprehension Questions for A Letter
  • Comprehension Answers
  • Activity: A Letter in Reply
  • Activity: Letter-writing Ideas

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