Elementary Reading Teaching Kit

Elementary Reading Teaching Kit
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116 pages of elementary reading resources for teachers - strategies and advice from veteran teachers, reading graphic organizers, reading assessment and differentiation tools, student choice activities, and reading resources you can use all year - this Teaching Kit has everything you need to teach elementary reading successfully from day one through end of year.

What's Included In This Teaching Kit

  • 15 reading graphic organizers for grades K-5, all in one place, printable and ready to use
  • Advice and strategies for teaching reading from veteran teachers and reading instruction experts
  • Reading assessment and reading differentiation strategies for elementary grades
  • Resources for building vocabulary and practicing sight words (including Dolch)
  • Student choice reading activities and strategies to use throughout the year
  • Prints in 8.5" x 11" portrait or landscape for easy reading and copying

Resources Featured In This Teaching Kit

  • Reading Graphic Organizers: Cause and Effect, 5 Elements of a Plot, Compare and Contrast, Sequencing, Story Prediction from Previewing, Story Map, Main Idea and Supporting Details, Steps in a Process, and more
  • Advice and Strategies: How I Teach Elementary Reading: Best Practices, A Veteran Teacher's Advice for Success, Reading Differentiation and Remediation Strategies for Elementary Grades, Strategies and Activities for Building Vocabulary
  • Reading Assessment: Reading Assessment for Grades K-2, Reading Pre-Assessment for Grades 3-5, and more
  • Focused Reading Resources: Literature Circle Roles, Vocabulary Organizer, Vocabulary Choice Board
  • Student Choice Reading Activities: Seasonal reading activities, student choice boards for reading, summer reading activities

What You'll Find Inside

Teaching Ideas and Best Practices for Teaching Elementary Reading (pages 3-22)

  • How I Teach Elementary Reading - Best Practices for Teaching Reading
  • How I Teach Reading: A Veteran Teacher’s Advice for Success
  • Reading Differentiation Strategies and Activities for Elementary Grades

Elementary Reading Pre-Assessment Printables (pages 23-59)

  • Elementary Reading Pre-Assessment for Grades K-2
  • Elementary Reading Pre-Assessment for Grades 3-5

Elementary Reading Graphic Organizers and Printables (pages 60-88)

  • Literature Circle Roles
  • Strategies and Activities for Building Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary Organizer
  • Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer Grades K-1
  • Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer Grades 2-3
  • Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer Grades 4-5
  • Compare and Contrast Matrix Graphic Organizer
  • 5 Elements of a Plot Graphic Organizer
  • Main Idea and Supporting Details Graphic Organizer
  • Plot/Story Sequence Graphic Organizer
  • Problem and Solution Graphic Organizer
  • Sequence Chain Graphic Organizer
  • Sequencing Graphic Organizer
  • Steps in a Process Graphic Organizer
  • Story Elements Graphic Organizer
  • Story Map Graphic Organizer
  • Story Prediction from Previewing Graphic Organizer
  • Double Venn Diagram Graphic Organizer

Elementary Reading Choice Boards (pages 89-116)

  • Sight Words Choice Board and Activities
  • Reading Choice Board
  • Summer Reading Choice Board
  • Reading Strategies Choice Board
  • Spelling Choice Board
  • Sight Words and Spelling Log
  • Vocabulary Choice Board
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