Teacher & Student Puzzles & Games

Use puzzles as a way to extend learning and build skills for all students. These puzzles have printable versions and some are downloadable -- so you don't have to have a computer to enjoy them.
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Teacher and Student Puzzles and Games

Challenge your students -- and yourself -- with this great collection of brain-teasing puzzles and games. They're a great way to enhance skills, build confidence, and give your students some fun all at the same time. Each one has a printable version, so no one has to tie up a computer to enjoy them.

Mad Libs

screenshotHave your students fill in the parts of speech in online versions of the beloved game, Mad Libs. Choose from five themed puzzles: Monster Mad Libs Straight "A" Mad Libs Kid Libs Mad Libs Camp Daze Mad Libs Off the Wall Mad Libs

Math Square

screenshotDevelop addition puzzles for your students to solve that fit their skills and interests. Simply plug-in the parameters you want and the puzzle is created for you! You can print it or have the students solve it online.


screenshotTry the best online version of sudoku, with two levels of difficulty, draggable stickies, hints, printable versions, and more great features.


screenshotCreate a customized cryptogram puzzle! Your students will have to crack a code by matching numbers or letters to each letter in the alphabet to reveal a secret phrase. Use key vocabulary or seasonal ideas to challenge your class.

Funbrain To Go

Math BaseballMath Baseball
Your students will love the most popular math practice game ever invented and you will love the way it enhances their math skills. This edition covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division – using single, double, or triple digits – and is downloadable to your computer.

Planet ZugPlanet Zug
Planet Zug, the ever-popular vocabulary builder for Grades 3-7, contains so many words and definitions that a billion DIFFERENT games can be played! Build your students' vocabulary by downloading this game to your computers so they can play it anytime, anywhere.

Power GobblerPower Gobbler
Remember Pac Man? This is it – only turbo-charged! The game is great for eye-hand coordination and is perfect for family and class tournaments. It's challenging, builds in level of difficulty, and fun for all ages.

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