Scheduling: Order of Subtests

Review effective ways to change order of subtests as an assessment accommodation.

Scheduling: Order of Subtests

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Scheduling accommodations can include reversing the order in which subtests aregiven. For instance, the student may begin with the math subtest rather than finishwith it. Or, a longer subtest may be given first and a shorter subtest given later if thisprocess does not invalidate the test.

Generally, students who require this accommodation should take the test in a separate setting so they do not distract other students and so they will not be distracted.


  1. Review a calendar to determine the schedule for the test.
  2. The key is to meet thestudent's needs while not interfering significantly with the test sequencing.
  3. Set theschedule and inform the student of it.
  4. Arrange for a secure area.

Changing the order of subtests may interfere with the flow of the test. For example,some tests are designed to start with less complicated questions and end with morecomplicated ones, so it is important to know what is being measured in any proposed switch. In addition, if the order is reversed, it is important to know districtpolicy. For example, find out whether there are any potential security issues (e.g.,the possibility that a student who takes a test early shares information about the testwith classmates who have yet to take the test).

Excerpted from Assessment Accommodations Toolkit.

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