Mad Libs® Teacher Guides (Gr. 1-6)

Learn how you can use Mad Libs© in your classroom to teach reading and language arts. These activities are a fun way to have your students practice their reading and language arts skills.
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Mad Libs Teacher's Guides for Grades 1-6
This collection of activities can be used with Mad Libs® books in the elementary classroom, as a supplement to reading and language arts study. Use the Mad Libs® books in your classroom, or allow your students to enjoy them online, at the links below.

Play Online

Monster Mad Libs®
Straight "A" Mad Libs®
Kid Libs Mad Libs®
Camp Daze Mad Libs®
Off the Wall Mad Libs®

Play on Funbrain

School Rules! Mad Libs®
Once Upon a Mad Libs®
Prehistoric Mad Libs®
Alphabet Mad Libs®

Using Mad Libs® in Gr. 1-3 Classrooms

Hold a Noun Hunt, make up noun riddles, create rebus puzzles, and practice plurals.

Verbs and Adjectives
Focus on irregular verbs and contractions, create adjective puzzles, and more.

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
Explore main idea and details, context clues, synonyms, antonyms, and vivid language.

Have fun with oral reading, flash cards, and a dramatic radio broadcast.

Write Your Own
Practice transforming your own writing into Mad Libs® selections.

Using Mad Libs® in Gr. 4-6 Classrooms

Explore regular and irregular plurals, common and proper nouns, and more.

Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs
Practice irregular past tenses; focus on "which, what kind, and how many"; and tackle "when, where, and how."

Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary
Complete a Mad Libs® selection as a Cloze exercise, and have fun with onomatopoetic words.

Fluency and Study Skills
Play a punctuation card game, perform a Reader's Theater, and work with an atlas.

Write Your Own
Create Mad Libs® selections using a family story, fairy tale, or other type of writing.

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