Indigenous Peoples’ Day Activities and Printables

Indigenous Peoples' Day

Celebrate Indigenous People's Day


Teach your students about the cultures, traditions, history, and contributions of Indigenous communities with this collection of activities and printables for Indigenous Peoples' Day in October.

What is Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October each year. Many cities and states recognize this day, with some even choosing it over the traditional observance of Columbus Day. This holiday intends to reframe the narrative around Christopher Columbus’s arrival and discovery of the Americas and instead recognize the history, culture, and contributions of Indigenous communities.

Activities & Printables for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Bioneers Ingeneity Curriculum Resources

These resources, created by our trusted partners Bioneers, have been designed to introduce students of different ages to Native American values, culture, and history.

Activities for Elementary School

For early grade, elementary students, explore the values and traditions of indigenous communities through lessons on valuing nature, animal behavior, the three sisters, and more. Browse lessons for elementary grades:

Activities for High School 

For upper-grade and high school students, explore Indigenous permaculture and the importance of the Three Sisters with an interesting and insightful project for social studies or earth science. ‘The Real Story of Thanksgiving’ is a great project for high school students that deconstructs and reframes the Thanksgiving story from the Native American perspective.

Native American Heritage Month Resources

Explore our collection of resources for Native American Heritage Month to find activities, printables, and lesson plans that help students learn about Indigenous cultures, traditions, and history. These resources can be used throughout the year — not just during the month of November!

Our top picks from the Native American Heritage Month collection:

Browse more Native American Heritage Month resources.

Recommended Indigenous Peoples' Day Resources

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