Technology Strategies -- National Music Standard #5

Reading and notating music

Student Use of Technology

Using notation software students can enter notes in step and real time on avirtual staff. Music can then be played back and printed. There are also many CAIdrill and practice software titles designed to develop music reading skills. Studentscan use this software to practice reading notes, melodies, and rhythms.

Student Activities for Standard #5

5.01 The student notates music on a staff using notation software.
5.02 The student self-evaluates music reading and notation skills using appropriate computer-assisted instruction software.

Teacher Use of Technology

Notation software provides teachers with tools to create musical examples forstudents. They can be used for choral, instrumental and/or classroom activities.

Teacher Strategies for Standard #5

5.03 The teacher prints music reading exercises for students using notation software.

Excerpted from Technology Strategies for Music Education.

Provided in partnership with NAfME
Discover great activities and teaching strategies for using technology to help students read music.
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