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Emphasize the importance of art education throughout the year with TeacherVision's art lesson plans, printables, activities, quizzes, and references, perfect for art teachers at the elementary, middle, or high school level. This is one subject everyone enjoys, and your students will benefit from exploring their creative sides in their science, math, social studies, and reading classes, as well as their art class.

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Shape Riddles

Students are asked to solve geometric riddles using word clues. This worksh... read more


Ten Shapes in All

Have students draw squares, circles, or triangles so that each box has 10 s... read more


Star Riddles

Teachers encourage students to solve each riddle by counting and coloring t... read more


Draw a 3-D Object!

This worksheet asks students to find a 3-dimensional box and draw it in the... read more


Building with Boxes

This worksheet asks students to find boxes, make a building out of them, an... read more


Draw the Dots Differently

Have students observe the dots in their original pattern, then rearrange th... read more


Imani's Moon Readers Theater

Read aloud Imani's Moon, then hand out this script to perform a readers the... read more


Make Your Own Reindeer Craft

Make a reindeer craft from wooden craft sticks. The steps for this DIY holi... read more


Make Your Own Popcorn Garland Craft

Follow these steps to make your own popcorn garland. It makes a beautiful d... read more


The Incredible Water Show Activity Kit

Create your own water extravaganza based on The Incredible Water Show. Use ... read more


Day of the Dead Offerings

After teaching students about the purpose, symbols, and traditions of Día d... read more


Mis Orejas

Los niños desarrollan vocabulario y comprensión a medida que aprenden sobre... read more


My Bunny Ears Craft

Children will be given a variety of materials to create ears like Max, Ruby... read more

Teacher Discussion Guide

You Can Do a Graphic Novel Teacher's Guide

Explore the creative process of writing and illustrating a graphic novel. T... read more

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