Music National Content Standard 5

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    Han Chinese Music Scales

    Use these Chinese seven-tone and pentatonic scales with the Chinese Music r... read more


    Chinese Percussion Music

    Teach students about Chinese percussion instruments and ensemble performanc... read more


    "The Cuckoo's Song"

    Austrian Yodel Song. Use these lyrics and notation with Austrian Yodeling.... read more


    "The Riddle Song"

    Traditional Appalachian Mountain riddle song. Use these lyrics and music wi... read more


    Jazz and Math: Improvisation Permutations

    In this lesson students explore how many different rhythmic combinations ca... read more


    Jazz and Math: Rhythmic Innovations

    Connect music and math through the study of jazz. In this music lesson, stu... read more


    Interactive Timeline

    Students will explore ragtime music and gain an understanding of its develo... read more


    Melody of Tearin' Up My Heart

    The melody of the *NSYNC song Tearing up My Heart is examined in detail by ... read more

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