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by Nicholasa Mohr


When Felita's parents decide to move to a new neighborhood for a better future, she becomes worried about missing her best friend. After the move, people in the new neighborhood start teasing Felita for being different from them. The family finally decides to move back to their old neighborhood, where Felita finds that many things have changed, including herself.

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Enrichment Activities
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Enrichment Activities

  • Discussion Questions
    1. What are some of the challenges people face when they move from one city to another? What challenges do families face when they move from state to state? Country to country?
    2. What are the qualities of a good friendship? Which quality do you value most? Why?
    3. How does the community or neighborhood in which you live affect your life?
    4. Compare and contrast some of the traditions and customs of the Puerto Rican neighborhood with those of your own neighborhood.
    5. Discuss the problems and conflicts Felita's family experienced in their new neighborhood. Do you think it was a good decision for them to move back to their old community? Give reasons for your answer.

  • Geography of Puerto Rico
    Locate Puerto Rico on the map or globe. Find out some interesting facts about this territory and people to relate to your discussion of the book.

  • Puerto Rican Discovery Day
    Have students read about Puerto Rican Discovery Day, complete a related worksheet, and color the Puerto Rican flag.

  • Spanish Vocabulary
    List some of the Spanish words mentioned in the story and give the Spanish translation for each of them. Discuss how the true meaning of some words is sometimes lost in the translation. How does this affect communication?

  • Traditional Circle Game from Puerto Rico
    This game uses Spanish to introduce students to traditional Puerto Rican song and dance.

Books by Nicholasa Mohr

All for the Better: A Story of El Barrio, 1993
El Bronx Remembered: A Novella and Stories, 1975
Felita, 1999
Going Home, 1999
In Nueva York, 1991
Magic Shell, 1995
A Matter of Pride and Other Stories, 1997
Nilda, 1973
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