International Cover Art for Harry Potter Lesson


  • Students will analyze the artwork on the cover of a book.
  • Students will enhance their reading comprehension by comparing and contrasting book covers with the text of Harry Potter books.



  1. Distribute all of the handouts.
  2. Break students into small groups.
  3. Assign each group a particular book cover to analyze.
  4. Ask each student to write the name of the country from which the cover art originated at the top of the Analyzing a Book Cover handout.
  5. Instruct each student to silently make and record their own observations on the chart.
  6. Give each group time to share and consolidate their observations into one list that they will present to the class.
  7. Tell each group to share their observations with the class.
  8. Once all of the observations have been shared, have a class discussion using the following questions:
    • Did the book cover reflect anything about the country from which it came?
    • Why do you think that might be?
    • Whose cover was the most accurate?
    • Whose was the most inaccurate?
    • Why were the adult covers so different?
    • If you knew nothing about Harry Potter, what impression would you get if you could only look at these book covers?
  9. Ask students to create their own book covers for a Harry Potter book.
Using pictures of book covers from around the world, students will analyze the accuracy of the art and compare it to the text.
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