Icebreakers and Getting to Know Your Students Classroom Kit

Icebreakers and Getting to Know Your Students Classroom Kit
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Getting to know your students - and helping them get to know each other - is one of the most important tasks in the first few days of back-to-school. This complete kit includes all the icebreakers and "getting to know you" activities you'll ever need!

What's Included In This Classroom Kit

  • 27 student icebreaker and getting to know you activities for back to school
  • Easy to downloaded and print PDFs
  • Activities that are appropriate for all elementary grade levels
  • Icebreakers that combine fun group activities with individual academic skills (writing, counting, etc.)
  • Getting to know you projects that can be used as bulletin boards or classroom decoration
  • Activities that involve movement, station rotations, and games
  • Printables are in 8.5" x 11" portrait or landscape for easy reading and copying

Icebreakers Featured In This Classroom Kit

  • Student Choice: Flat Teacher Choice Board, Design Your Own Coat of Arms, My Future Plans
  • Games: Getting to Know You Bingo, Getting to Know You Classroom Scoot
  • Writing: Our First Classroom Book, My Summer Break, The Feature Story Getting to Know You Activity
  • Group Activities: D-icebreaker, Get to Know You Turn and Talk, Make a Giving Tree Icebreaker

How to Use These Icebreaker Activities

Use these icebreakers and getting to know you activities to:
  • Help students get to know each other and get to know you
  • Ease the tension and awkwardness of the first few days with a new class
  • Help students overcome shyness and integrate easily with classmates
  • Start building a collaborative classroom culture
  • Give younger students a head start on developing social-emotional skills
  • Encourage students to demonstrate kindness, friendship, and good behavior

Icebreakers are not only a great way to build a classroom community, but also to enhance classroom and behavior management.

How to Enhance Behavior Management with Icebreakers

  • Give students the opportunity to feel "part of" a larger group by sharing information about themselves - help them be invested in a positive and productive environment
  • Start developing the social-emotional skills like communication, collaboration, and empathy that enhance good behavior and reduce distractions and discipline issues
  • Use group "getting to know you" activities to set expectations for behavior and adherence to classroom rules and culture

What You'll Find Inside - Icebreakers in This Kit

  • Back to School Jokes Icebreaker/Writing Activity
  • Get to Know Your Classmates Scoot
  • Flat Teacher Choice Board
  • D-icebreakers
  • Figure Me Out Icebreaker
  • Get to Know Me Fortune Teller
  • Get to Know You Turn and Talk Cards
  • Marvelous Me Icebreaker
  • Skit-Tell-Us Icebreaker
  • Our First Classroom Book
  • My Summer Break
  • Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker
  • Design Your Own Coat of Arms Activity
  • My Future Plans Icebreaker
  • My Family and Me Icebreaker
  • Friendly Interview Getting to Know You Activity
  • Getting to Know You Bingo
  • Getting to Know You Game
  • Make a Giving Tree Class Icebreaker
  • Making New Friends Icebreaker
  • Personal Mandalas Getting to Know You Activity
  • Similar and Different Activity
  • The Feature Story Getting to Know You Activity
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