Science, Technology and Society: Quake Meters

This worksheet teaches students about the various ways that we can measure and predict earthquakes. Seismographs are discussed. Students are then asked to respond to the reading on an included worksheet.

This worksheet includes several FutureFit Extension Activities that highlight 21st Century skills like critical thinking, service mentality, and creativity. These FutureFit Extension Activities are designed to reinforce the concepts included in the worksheet activity while integrating real-world skills. They can be used as in-class independent practice or group activities, or assigned for take-home or independent work.

FutureFit Extension Activities

Get Real

5-10 Minutes
Materials Needed:

  • Slinky toys

After reading the information and completing the activity on the worksheet, ask students to use their knowledge of S-waves (transverse) and P-waves (longitudinal or compression) to demonstrate those types of seismic waves using Slinkies. Ask students to make an educated guess as to which waves move through the ground at a faster rate (Answer: P-waves).

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