Pollution and Weather

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Use this worksheet to teach students about the effects of pollution on weather. Students will learn about pollution from human activity and how it contributes to acid rain and smog. This activity should be used with Fast Facts: Changing Weather.
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FutureFit Extension Activities

Get Real: Acid Rain Damage Simulation

This simulation will demonstrate the effects of acid rain on limestone and marble.

Show students a real-life example of how acid rain has damaged limestone statues (a quick Google image search will yield plenty of results).

Give each student a piece of white chalk, a small bowl, a toothpick, a dropper and ½ cup of vinegar. Using the toothpicks, allow students to carve a design or inscription into their chalk. Explain to them that the chalk represents a limestone or marble statue.

Place the chalk in the bowl and drop several drops of vinegar onto the chalk. They should notice little bubbles of air forming on the surface of the chalk. Wait 10 minutes and observe changes made to the surface of the chalk. Explain that the vinegar represents acid rain.

Take the experiment one step further and compare the effects of using other acidic solutions such as lemon juice, citric acid or soda. You could even conduct observations over several days, compare the amount of chalk dissolved by recording the mass each day and create a line graph to show the results.

Serve: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Explain the term carbon footprint to your class. Print off the Carbon Footprint Worksheet from EnergyStar.gov. Allow your students to complete the questionnaire and calculate their family’s carbon footprint.

In groups, have students share the results of their Carbon Footprint Worksheet, and then think about and share ways they can reduce their carbon footprint and take personal responsibility for reducing fossil fuels use.

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