Camp Confidential: Jenna's Dilemma

Find enrichment activities to use with the story Camp Confidential: Jenna's Dilemma. This is the second book of the series. You can read the whole book online or buy it in stores!
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Camp Confidential: Jenna's Dilemma

By Melissa J. Morgan

Jenna's Dilemma

Jenna is determined to make camp fun this year, in spite of her parents' separation and the company of her twin brother and older sister. Follow along online as she attempts the ultimate prank at Camp Lakeview. This web book is 333 pages long – read it all online, or buy it in stores! This is the second book of the Camp Confidential series, and there are many more to read! Your students will also enjoy reading Camp Confidential: Natalie's Secret online. Watch them get hooked on the series, then let them know they can find even more in bookstores!

Find more classroom activities related to the Camp Confidential series.

Enrichment Activities

    Art Project

  • Jenna has a bumper-sticker collection. Design a bumper sticker that she could add to her collection. Remember to create a fun slogan!
  • Writing

  • Write a reply from Jenna's older brother, Matt, to Jenna's first letter. Imagine that you are at Science camp, and describe what you've been learning in science and the neat experiments you've been doing.
  • At Camp Lakeview, the campers can choose two electives. Jenna is taking Photography and working on the newspaper. Write a story about your favorite elective at school. It can be a sport, a music class, an art class, or another fun activity.
  • Character Analysis

  • Analyze Jenna, Julie, Grace, Chelsea, Alex, and other characters from the story, using the Character Chart.
  • Create a camp yearbook. Be sure to include all the main characters in the story. Draw a picture for each character, list the activities they participated in, and compose a message from them to the other campers.
  • Vocabulary Practice

  • Fill out this Vocabulary Worksheet and learn more about the words used in the story. Write a definition for each of the following words, and use them in a sentence: counselor, bribe, proud, legacy, blunt, share, ignore, elective, and independence.
  • Story Elements

  • Use the Story Elements graphic organizer to describe the action-filled moments involving Jenna.
  • Problem Solving

  • Why is Jenna so worried about Visiting Day? Use the Title, Character, Problem graphic organizer to explain.
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