Easter Activities: Printable Packet for Elementary

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Get hands-on with this themed packet of Easter activities for elementary which explore the history, traditions, and symbols of Easter, including the Easter story and origins of the Easter egg.

This packet includes 4 meaningful Easter ideas for teaching elementary students about the religious origins of this holiday. It comes complete with lesson plans, teaching instructions, useful links, and printable worksheets, for fun, no-prep Easter activities to incorporate into your language arts, writing, or religion lessons.

Looking to continue the Easter theme with more fun Easter activities for elementary? Try these Easter writing prompts for K-4, or this Easter choice board for grades 2-5 that includes Easter crafts, math activities, and an Easter STEM challenge.

What’s Included In This Printable

  • 4 Easter activities for elementary that explore the history, traditions, and symbols of Easter
  • Teacher instructions for each classroom activity
  • Printable worksheets and templates for students

Easter Activities In This Packet:

  • Eggs and Easter: This eggcellent activity explores the origins and symbolism of the Easter egg. For an easy Easter craft idea, students can decorate their own Easter eggs with symbols that are important to them.
  • Colors of Easter: This hands-on cut and sort activity helps students discover the meanings of five traditional Easter colors.
  • Easter Traditions Throughout History: This reading, writing, and drawing activity explores the history and traditions of Easter, from Christian celebrations to the origins of the Easter bunny.
  • Stations of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross are an important Catholic Easter tradition. This activity allows students to experience this tradition and learn the Easter story by listening to readings and completing a Stations of the Cross booklet.
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