What is Dyslexia?

Learn about Dyslexia, the most prevalent type of learning disability.
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Other related characteristics

Individuals with dyslexia show unique patterns of strengths and weaknesses. They may or may not exhibit some of the following characteristics:

  • special talents in mechanical abilities, music, art, drama, sports, or creative writing
  • left/right confusion and difficulties with concepts related to time and space or very strong visual spatial abilities
  • difficulties with learning foreign languages or English as a second language
  • difficulties with mathematics, particularly in memorizing math facts and completing word problems or strengths in math discrepant with reading problems
  • difficulties with handwriting
  • difficulties making and keeping friends or strong social skills

Reprinted with permission from The Dyslexia Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together, by Lorna N. Kaufman, Ph.D. and Pamela Hook, Ph.D. A publication of the New England Branch of the International Dyslexia Association. For more information or to join, call (617) 964-4485.

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