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This festive packet, inspired by the classic poem 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, features a menu of Christmas ELA activities and poetry writing worksheets.

These activities are great for incorporating Christmas into your language arts lessons and for setting up holiday-themed learning centers.

Need a copy of the poem to share with students? Download the'Twas the Night Before Christmas full text printable.

What’s Included

  • Poetry menu of 6 activities inspired by ’Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • Ready-to-use poetry writing worksheets for each activity
  • Opportunities for students to create drawings to accompany their poems - perfect for creating colorful classroom displays!

Students can choose from activities like:

Christmas Acrostic Poem

Choose a Christmas word, write your own holiday poem, and draw an image from the poem. For an extra challenge, rhyme the end words of your lines!

Christmas Tree Concrete Poetry

Write your own poem describing a Christmas tree, following the shape of a tree. Then, decorate the room your tree is in!

Christmas Alliteration Poem

Write an 8 line Christmas poem where each line has the same consonant sound. Then, draw an image from the poem!
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