Tips For Teacher Rest And Relaxation This Summer

Veteran teacher Heather shares her tips for how to maximize rest and relaxation, while also feeling productive over your summer break.

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Another school year down, another summer to look forward to. Be honest, how often do you really kick back and relax? If you’re like every other teacher on the planet, you’re thinking about how you’re going to revamp your STEM lessons, how you can have a more organized classroom, how you’re going to rearrange your classroom, and you’re going to add new and interesting content to your files. While this is awesome and it cuts down on the work you have to do in the beginning of the school year, summer should be all about finding the perfect balance between relaxation and preparation. After all, one of the reasons you probably became a teacher is to enjoy the perk of having your summers off, so start taking advantage of it.

Read on to learn how you can strike up a balance between work and play from June to August (without any teacher-guilt).

Designate a “Work Day”

Can’t get multiplication and cold reads out of your mind? Designate a day during the week as your “work day.” You can send the kids to daycare, have a friend take them to the pool, or even hire a pet sitter to keep your pooch entertained while you work away. The day is all yours and is dedicated to all things school-related.

Check out our Back-To- School Headquarters for all kinds of ideas and inspiration as you plan this summer.

Read (in the Sun!)

Trying to perfect your practice? Clean up your craft? Be sure to enjoy some education-related literature while you sun bathe by the pool(off set with a nice glass of lemonade, of course).

Pinterest During Commercials

Pinterest (and other educational blogs) are a must visit during commercials. You can still sit down and enjoy your favorite shows, while “pinning” ideas and downloading printables in between. This way, you won’t miss an episode and can also feel good about multi-tasking and maximizing your time.

Do Something Solely For Yourself

As a teacher, your days are filled with doing good deeds for others, all day, every day during the school year. Be sure to tell yourself that you deserve an afternoon pedicure, a new outfit, or a massage “just because.” You work so hard all year; it’s time to reap some rewards and indulge in self-care

Start to Prep Prior to Break

Be sure to make a list prior to the end of the school year in order to know what you need to purchase for the next school year, what you need to copy, and what you need to stuff in folders. You can even start to complete these tasks during your end of the year in services, or when you have some down time the last week of school. Getting a jumpstart on the next year (even before the current year is over) will help you get ahead in a huge way, and will make you feel less stressed over summer break and at the start of the new school year.

Continue Your Education Online

Many teachers want to rest at home over the summer, but they wish to continue their education. Some districts require it, while other districts offer major benefits to those who take additional classes beyond their graduate degree. Who says you have to run around, several times a week to attend a university course in person? Consider finding an online course that will help you fulfill your requirements, all from the comfort of your own home (or poolside, for that matter!).

Put the Kids to Work

Children of all ages love to help. Be sure to put your kiddos to work cutting things, stuffing folders, and making welcome bags for your students. When you designate jobs and roles to family, you can ensure more time for rest and relaxation for yourself. 

Vacation in Historic Places

Not only will your kids love taking educational day trips or vacations, but you’ll enjoy the sights and sounds too. You will also broaden your educational horizons and will bring something new, interesting, and educational to the table at the start of the school year. You can build and plan units around your summer ventures, and can share plenty of pictures and first hands experiences to build your students’ background! Summer for a teacher is all about finding the perfect balance between rest and work. With some planning, prepping, and some multi-tasking, you can ensure you have plenty of time to spend with your own family, and plenty of time to spend in order to get ready for a new school year.

How do you plan to rest and relax this summer? Share with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Heather Aulisio is a third grade teacher in Pennsylvania. She has been a teacher for nearly 15 years and holds multiple degrees and certifications. A freelancer for The Mailbox and other education-related clients and publications, she enjoys writing in order to help and entertain fellow teachers. She currently resides with her husband, Bryan; son, Matthew; and two pugs, Lily and Leo.


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