21 Welcoming Classroom Door Ideas for Back-to-School

A positive classroom environment is an important aspect of student achievement.

Start the back-to-school welcome party at the door — literally — with these colorful, clever, and creative ideas from your fellow teachers!

1. Goal Getters:

Credit: @fourthgrade.fairytale


2. Adventure Begins:

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3. Be Something This World Needs:

Credit: @learningwithmrsbaker


4. A Good Day:

Credit: @kaysemorristeachingonless


5. You Are Kind, Smart, Important:

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Credit: @hoopz79


6. Seuss-Style:

Credit: @savedbythebelle716


7. Come In, We're Awesome:

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Credit: @lintzin5th


8. Pixar-Inspired:

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Credit: @ms.amandawhite


9. Be a Rainbow:

Credit: @teachinginthetropicsblog


10. Choose Kind:

Credit: @mrskkmitchell


11. Have Big Dreams:

Credit: @misswillcoxs_cleverclassroom


12. Leaders Popping Up:

Credit: @kateychampagne


13. Try Your Best:

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Credit: @sophiadanas


14. In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Credit: @thegeekyteacher


15. We Are Family:

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Credit: @thewellredlibrarian


16. The More You Know:

Credit: @_teach_love_


17. Unmask the Super-Leader:

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Credit: @cassafrass101


18. Turtle-y Awesome:

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Credit: @tashaworkman


19. Un-Bee-Lievable:

Credit: @4thgradestateofmind


20. Gotta Teach 'Em All:

Credit: @sageandsparrowshop


21. The Magic Begins Here:

Credit: @theengagingstation


We hope this gave you Back-to-School inspiration! Share your own classroom creations with us on Instagram.

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