Back to School Classroom Door Ideas

Wow your students on their first day back to school with our back to school classroom door ideas. First impressions are everything, especially when introducing yourself to your students.

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Back to School Classroom Door Ideas for All Teachers

What better way to welcome your new students into your class than with a fun decorated classroom door? Your classroom door can make a fantastic first impression if you're not meeting your new students before the first day of school. Whether you are a first-year teacher or a seasoned educational professional, a warm and fun display will help break the ice with your students. That's why we've compiled this list of our favorite back to school door ideas!

Back to school door decorations

Here are some more door ideas we found online that may also help get your creative brains ticking:

1. Goal Getters:


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2. A Good Day:

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3. Ready for an Incredible Year:


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4. All You Have To Do Is Fly:


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5. Come In, We're Awesome:


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6. Pixar-Inspired:


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7. Be a Rainbow:

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8. Choose Kind:


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9. Have Big Dreams:

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10. Leaders Popping Up:


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11. Shine Bright Like a Diamond:


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12. We Are Family:


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13. Unmask the Super-Leader:


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14. Un-Bee-Lievable:

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15. Learn a Latte:


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16. The Magic Begins Here:


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Tips for Decorating Your Classroom Door

  1. Messages have power and can inspire people at specific points in their life. Consider putting a message on your door that reminds the students of their magnificence. You do not have to stop there. Your message can also be a goal your school wants to focus on.
  2. An interactive door will give the students a fun way to connect with you. You may decide to put a driving wheel for students to turn or pages they can flip, or even have sensory objects on the door for students to touch.
  3. Very similar to having a message, you could challenge your students to show behavior that may be lacking in the school. It can be being kind, sharing, or showing cooperation when working in groups. Many counselors have social-emotional learning lessons that would make great decorative doors.
  4. Make your door a gateway for Narnia or a popular video game. There is no shortage of ideas for entrances to another world.
  5. Younger kids will enjoy doors that look like their favorite animals. Add an exciting and lesser-known fact about the animal for a teachable moment.
  6. Have a feelings door. Sometimes students need to know that someone cares about them. A door that expresses your fondness or love for them no matter what can go a long way.
  7. Be yourself. Think back to when you are in school. What would you have liked to have seen on your teacher's door? A character from a popular show or book? Maybe something interesting about yourself and how it relates to others?

When a student sees your door, it helps set the tone for the school year and can affect how they view your classroom. Your door can be the entrance to a beautiful place for your students. With younger students, their imaginations take over and carry into your class. For older students, the door can be a connection for them to reach out to you for conversation or help.

Additional Tools and Resources

We hope you enjoyed this short article. For more ideas on how to decorate your classroom doors, check out our Bulletin Boards Hub - where you'll find plenty of creative tips that can be also used for your back-to-school classroom doors. 

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