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Get a sneak peek of what's inside our printable book "World War II (5-8)," with this slideshow. These lessons and activities will help expand your students' understanding of World War II and the historical period, including the origins, social impact, politics, and tragedy of the era.
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The second lesson in Beyond Blame: Reacting to the Terrorist Attack deals with the reactions Americans had toward Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor in 1941. You will need handouts for this lesson.
Students will read a letter from a boy to his father fighting in World War II. Then, they will answer reading comprehension questions to check their understanding. Use the passage of historical fiction to develop students' reading skills.
Students practice brainstorming by creating a semantic web about the Holocaust.
Students read a short history of the Holocaust and then share their responses.
With these two maps, students can review events from World War II.
Famous people, places, and events of World War II are explored.
Students are challenged to decide whether given statements about the Holocaust are fact or opinion.
In this critical thinking activity, students are challenged to decide what to do in situations involving prejudice.
Read about the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, and explore the related activities.
Learn what key events led to World War II.
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