Human Body Transparencies & Visuals Gallery

Detailed illustrations and diagrams will help students visualize the inner-workings of human body parts and systems. Use the printables in this gallery to create overhead transparencies and handouts for the study of human anatomy, or browse our collections of and to find ones that correspond to your science curriculum.
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Review the anatomy of the human body with this labeled diagram of the human skeleton.
Explore the anatomy and function of the human heart with this printable. Follow the circulation of blood through the valves and chambers of this vital organ.
Review the parts of the human respiratory system with this labeled diagram. Use this resource as a handout or transparency for science class.
Review the anatomy of the male and female reproductive systems with this printable.
Compare the parts and structure of a plant cell and an animal cell, using this labeled diagram.
Use these printable diagrams to review the four types of human joints: pivotal, gliding, hinge, and ball-and-socket.
Test students' knowledge of human physiology and the circulatory system with this printable. Have your class color and label the parts of a human heart.
Use this printable to teach students about the human respiratory system. Then ask them to color and label the parts shown in the drawing.
Test students' knowledge of the human eye and ear as they color and label these diagrams.
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