Human Biology

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    Five Senses: A Day at the Beach

    This summer-themed printable is a sensory writing activity. Students will u... read more


    Anterior Muscles of the Human Body

    Introduce students to the major muscles in the human body. Then, have them ... read more


    Anatomy Quiz - Grade 8

    In this anatomy quiz, students are asked to match the common name for human... read more

    Digital Book

    Sample of Eyewitness: Human Body

    This is a sample of Eyewitness: Human Body: a book that integrates words an... read more


    Instant Expert: Human Body

    Become an instant expert on the human body. Find motivational mini-lessons ... read more


    Instant Expert

    Become an instant expert on science and social studies topics featured in D... read more


    Haemophilia – True or False

    Educate students about haemophilia, a genetic blood clotting disorder, with... read more


    How Do I Get Diabetes?

    Use this reading passage and related comprehension questions to review the ... read more


    Hepatitis – True or False

    Enrich your health and science curriculum with this true/false worksheet ab... read more


    The Liver

    Use this illustrated reading passage to teach pupils about the liver. After... read more


    Multiple Sclerosis – A Chronic Disease

    Supplement your study about diseases of the human body with this research a... read more