Winter Solstice – Videos & Activities

The winter solstice occurs on Tuesday, December 21, 2016. Use these educational videos and related activities to teach students about the changing seasons.

Learn about Planet Earth – Seasons

Appropriate Grades: 1–5

This simple video will help kids visualize how the tilt of Earth's axis causes seasons to change as it orbits the Sun. Students will learn about the summer solstice and winter solstice.


Length: 4 minutes 6 seconds

Extension Activities

Why the Days are Shorter in Winter and Longer in Summer

Appropriate Grades: 5–8

In this artistic video, students learn how the seasons are created by the locations of the sun and the earth. They also will find out how the winter and summer solstices make the days longer and shorter.

Source: A. Hughman on

Length: 2 minutes 43 seconds

Extension Activities

What Causes Earth's Seasons?

Appropriate Grades: 9–12

In this video, students will learn seasons occur because of the tilt of Eath's axis.

Source: Ignite Learning on

Length: 2 minutes 18 seconds

Extension Activities

Please preview the Closed Captioning (CC) to ensure it is appropriate for your students. These captions are provided by the video publisher and may not represent the spoken content.

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