What Is the Water Cycle? (Three Processes of the Water Cycle)

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As students complete this Earth science printable, they will review three processes of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Students will also identify the cause of each change in the cycle.
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FutureFit Extension Activities

Create: We Are the Water Cycle!

In groups of four or five, students will work together to create a skit to demonstrate all the parts of the water cycle. Give the students 20 minutes to create the skit, and then have them perform the skit for the rest of the class. Write all the parts of the water cycle on the board so they don’t miss a step.

Reflect: Not Just a Drop

Give students 15 minutes to write about the water cycle from the perspective of a drop of rain. Encourage them to give the raindrop human-like characteristics and emotions, and describe how it feels to be a water drop, all the places they’ve visited, how long they have been part of the water cycle, etc. They can really use their creativity and even draw pictures to go along with their narration.

Excerpted from

Concepts and Challenges Earth Science
Concepts and Challenges of Earth Science
From Pearson's Concepts and Challenges Earth Science.

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