Instant Expert: Water

Become an instant expert on water. Find motivational mini-lessons and the reference material you need to reinforce key concepts on the chemical properties of water, the water cycle, and why water is essential for life.
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Instant Expert: Water

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For Your Own Reference

Pick a DK book, and read the section that is most relevant to your needs.

Eyewitness: Water
Reading Level
Eyewitness: Water provides an in-depth, comprehensive look at Earth's most precious resource, its chemical properties, its movement around the planet, and why it is essential for all life. Read the full book online, or project it on a whiteboard to share the stunning photos and text with your class. Eyewitness: Water

Intro to Water Mini-Lesson

Reading Level: Upper Elementary

Use this slideshow to introduce students to a unit on water. In this mini-lesson, students will learn about ocean and fresh water distribution. They will also learn about the water cycle.


Eyewitness: Ocean
Reading Level
Discover the watery world covering most of the Earth—and the amazing wildlife in its depths. Read the full book online, or project it on a whiteboard to share the stunning photography and illustrations from Earth's largest habitat with your class. Eyewitness: Ocean

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