U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor

An article about the U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor, including a chart of the recipients.
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 Total1ArmyNavyMarinesCoast GuardAir ForceCivilian
Civil War1,5221,196305174
Noncombat, 1865–187013112
Indian Wars (1861–1898)4264224
Korea (1871)1596
Noncombat, 1871–18991061042
Spanish-American War110316415
Noncombat, 1901–1910491462
Philippines (1911)615
Mexican Campaign (1914)561469
Haiti (1915)66
Noncombat, 1915–191688
Dominican Republic33
World War I12495218
Haiti (1919–1920)22
Nicaragua (1927–1933)22
Noncombat, 1920–1940171151
World War II46432457821
Korean War13282742
Vietnam War246160165713
Somalia (1993)22
Iraq (2003– )211
Unknown Soldiers99
Total 3,463 2,401 743 297 1 13 8
1. These totals reflect the total number of Medals of Honor awarded through 2007. Nineteen men received a second award, and 5 of these double awardees received both the Army and Navy Medals of Honor for the same action.


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