Sixth Grade Basic Skills

A list of skills usually taught in sixth grade.
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In sixth grade more emphasis is placed on increasing student's proficiency in the basic skills. Students usually have more than one teacher because teachers are becoming subject specialists.In sixth grade, most students will:
  • Identify major chronological events in history, as well as find the areas studied in history on maps and globes.
  • Understand our legacy from ancient and early civilizations.
  • Understand and perform all operations for rational numbers.
  • Write, simplify, and manipulate expressions and equations in all areas of problem solving, including ratios, proportions, geometry, statistics, and probability.
  • Use all stages of the writing process (organizing, drafting, revising, and editing.
  • Write essays, reports, letters, stories, and poems.
  • Set up and conduct simple scientific experiments.
  • Understand the concepts of gravity, motion, energy, chemical compounds, the ecosystem, fossils, heredity, weather, and the classification of matter.
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