Scheduling: Over Several Days

Review effective ways to spread testing out over several days as an accommodation.

Scheduling: Over Several Days

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A common accommodation is to administer the test in several sessions over severaldays. For example, a teacher may give one subtest on Monday and another on Tues-day, rather than giving it in its entirety on Monday. Or, the teacher may give the teston a specific day.

Generally, students who require this accommodation take the test in a separate set-ting so they will not distract other students - and so they will not be distracted.


  1. Review a calendar to determine the schedule for the test. The key is to meet thestudent's needs while not significantly interrupting the sequence of the test. A reasonable place to stop an assessment for the day is at the end of asubtest.
  2. Some experts caution against interrupting a subtest at all, so it is wiseto check with your district before providing that as an option.
  3. Share the schedule with the student and his or her family.
  4. Make sure youhave not scheduled testing times that conflict with important classroom instructionor with activities that are of high interest to the student (e.g., the student will miss afield trip).


A student who must take a test over several days may experience a decline in motivation. Student absenteeism also may become a factor if several days of testing arescheduled.

Excerpted from Assessment Accommodations Toolkit.

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