Response: Student Marks Booklet

Effective ways to help students mark tests.

Response: Student Marks Booklet

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Some students have difficulty writing an answer on a separate sheet of paper. Forexample, they may lose their place or mark the wrong response item. Marking answers in the booklet can eliminate some of these difficulties.

An adult should transfer answers from the booklet to an answer sheet.


  1. Review the test.
  2. Make sure there is ample space for students to respond.
  3. If the test ismultiple choice, determine how the student will respond (e.g., circle the letter).
  4. Review the procedures with the student.
  5. Make sure he or she knows how to respond, and monitor for consistency throughout the test. For example, some students may circle a letter sometimes and put an X through it other times.
  6. Be surestudents understand the procedure for changing answers (i.e., erase the originalanswer).
CautionsIt may be difficult to develop a set procedure for responding if there are differenttypes of items on a given test. In some cases, the teacher may need to provide explicit directions and possibly an example of how to respond for each new section.
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