Presentation: Reread Directions

Rereading directions is an effective assessment accommodation.

Presentation: Reread Directions

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In some tests, the directions are read aloud by an adult. Students who need to hearthe directions more than once may require an accommodation. The adult mightreread the directions, or students might receive a written copy of verbal instructions.


  1. Preparing the directions in written format may be as simple as making a photocopyof the originals. However, it is important to remove any extraneous informationbefore copying.
  2. If the printed directions are too small, it may be necessary to enlargethem or retype them.
  3. As a security measure, it is important to collect the directionswhen the test booklet and response sheet are collected from the student.
  4. A routine should be established in situations in which the directions will be reread tothe student. For example, how will the student signal that he or she needs to hearthe directions again? Can the directions be reread only at the start of the test, or canthey be reread at any time during the section?
  5. The teacher, along with the IEP team,must decide whether this accommodation will interfere with the test taking of otherstudents, thereby warranting a change in test setting for the student.


If the directions only are to be reread verbatim to the student, the reader must guardagainst providing any explanations.

If a student will receive several sets of written directions, it is important to retrievethe previous set before providing the new set.

Depending on the extent of this accommodation (e.g., it is necessary to reread thedirections many times), the student may need additional time to complete the test.

Excerpted from Assessment Accommodations Toolkit.

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