Presentation: Prompts

An article about how prompts can help in assessment accommodations.
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Updated on: December 11, 2000

Presentation: Prompts

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Prompts are verbal statements that help a student stay focused on the test, moveforward, or stop. Prompts or verbal cues also may redirect a student who has become distracted.


  1. The teacher determines what prompts are appropriate and when they will be used.
  2. The student is briefed on how the prompts will be used.
  3. During the test, the teacher should monitor carefully to ensure that the student isanswering in the correct way. This is especially important for students who may losetheir place on an answer sheet.


It is important to know when a prompt is appropriate. For example, some studentsmay appear off task when they are thinking. If interchanges between the adult andstudent become too frequent, they may interfere with the concentration of otherstudents.

Excerpted from Assessment Accommodations Toolkit.