We're Going on a Bear Hunt Teaching Guide

This teaching guide for We're Going on a Bear Hunt , an exciting book that includes seven puzzles, consists of three activity sheets for your students. Each sheet requires the students to step outside and explore nature by watching the clouds, going on a leaf hunt, and observing the weather. All three activities enhance the students' understanding of the book, while also fueling their creativity and improving their writing skills.
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We're Going on a Bear Hunt Children's Book
We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Author: Michael Rosen
Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury

Imagine the fun of going on a bear hunt — through tall, wavy grass (swishy swishy swishy! ), swampy mud (squelch squelch squelch! ), and a swirling whirling snowstorm (hoooo woooo! ) — only to find a "real" bear waiting at the end of the trail! The perfect gift for a preschooler, this exciting novelty edition includes seven press-out puzzles featuring Helen Oxenbury’s lively art.

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