Summer Reading List -- Secondary

This list of recommended vacation reading for secondary students is provided by Penguin Young Readers Group and Dorling Kindersley.
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Making Up Megaboy
by Virginia Walter
ISBN: 0789424886
Book Description: One day Robbie takes a .44 from his father's sock drawer, climbs on the new bike he's been given for his 13th birthday, pedals a few blocks to Main Street, and shoots an elderly Korean shopkeeper. This extraordinary book sets out the particulars of Robbie's actions and arrest later that day.

The Odyssey
by Homer
ISBN: 0140445560
Book Description: Homer's epic poem is a good introduction to the adventurous and imaginative stories of the Greek gods and mortals.

The Outsiders
by S. E. Hinton
ISBN: 0670532576
Book Description: Since his parents' death, Ponyboy's world is comprised of his brothers and his gang, the Greasers. When his best friend Johnny kills a member from a rival, richer gang, Ponyboy finds himself caught up in a nightmare of violence.

Oy, Joy!
by Lucy Frank
ISBN: 0789425386
Book Description: Although her ailing uncle creates problems for her whole family when he moves in with them, Joy survives his bungling attempts at matchmaking even as she plays the game herself.

Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen
ISBN: 0140434267
Book Description: The story of the Bennet family and of the novel's two protagonists, Elizabeth and Darcy, is told with a wit that delights its most familiar readers as thoroughly as it does those who encounter it for the first time.

Saying It Out Loud
by Joan Abelove
ISBN: 0789426099
Book Description: With the help of her best friend, 16-year-old Mindy sorts through her relationships with her solicitous mother and her detached father as she tries to come to terms with the fact that her mother is dying from a brain tumor.

Seven Years in Tibet
by Heinrich Harrer
ISBN: 0874778883
Book Description: This real-life adventure is the story of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian who, during World War II, escaped from a British internment camp in India and walked across the Himalayas. Harrer eventually arrived in Tibet, where he spent seven years with the Dalai Lama.

Small Change
by Marc Talbert
ISBN: 0789425319
Book Description: In a beat-up truck, away from their parents, Tom and his younger sister Phillipa flee violence in a Mexican beach resort. Now, with Ignacio, a local boy he doesn't know if he can trust, Tom is heading farther into the confusing wild mountains above the sea. Survival will mean relying on Igancio's instincts - and his own.

Stephen Fair
by Tim Wynne-Jones
ISBN: 0789424959

Book Description: Now 15, Stephen is determined to unlock the meaning of his bad dreams and uncover the story of his own childhood.

The Taker's Stone
by Barbara Timberlake Russell
ISBN: 0789425688
Book Description: When 14-year-old Fischer accidentally uses a magic stone to summon Thistle, one of its Keepers and an agent of the Light, he must help her fight the evil Belial, who seeks to rule the world with cruel Darkness.

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