Summer Reading List -- Pre-K through Primary

This list of recommended summer reading for grades pre-K through primary is provided by Penguin Young Readers Group and Dorling Kindersley.
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Summer Reading List -- Pre-K through Primary

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Agapanthus Hum and Major Bark
by Jennifer Plecas
ISBN: 0399233229
Book Description: When she loses a tooth, Agapanthus discovers that she can make an angel hoot by blowing through the hole in her smile.

Aloha, Dolores
by Barbara Samuels
ISBN: 0789425084
Book Description: When Dolores enters her cat, Duncan, in a Meow Munchies Cat Food contest, she's certain Duncan is so good-looking, smart, and talented that he'll win first prize. When a cat named Fifi wins instead, Dolores must rise to the occasion...and with a little help from Faye, she discovers that winning isn't everything.

by Marsha Wilson Chall
ISBN: 078942617X
Book Description: When a young French boy goes away to school, he and his dog are sad to be separated until they find a way to change the school's rules about dogs.

Cam Jansen and the Birthday Mystery
by David A. Adler
ISBN: 067088877X
Book Description: When Cam's grandparents are robbed on their way to her parents' surprise birthday party, Cam uses her photographic memory to solve the mystery.

Cold Feet
by Cynthia C. DeFelice
ISBN: 0789426366
Book Description: Willie McPhee has fallen on hard times and discovers spooky happenings when he takes much-needed boots off a dead man. Soon Willie's feet are warm...but who is that tapping on the door?

Corduroy at the Zoo
by Don Freeman
ISBN: 0670892882
Book Description: Corduroy and his friends are taking a trip to the zoo. Find the mischievous monkeys playing hide-and-seek in the Jungle Walk, or spot the wombats in the Australia exhibit.

Everything to Spend the Night: From A to Z
by Ann Whitford Paul
ISBN: 0789425114
Book Description: Rollicking rhymes and illustrations packed with funny details reflect this exuberant narrator's delight as she pulls one thing after another out of her overnight bag and invites her grandpa to join in the fun.

Farmer Brown Shears His Sheep: A Yarn About Wool
by Teri Sloat
ISBN: 0789426374
Book Description: Farmer Brown was shearing sheep, piling up snowy heaps of wool that filled his shed knee-deep. But when the temperature drops, his shivering sheep see all their wool in sacks – and "BAAA!" they cry. "WE WANT IT BACK!"

Hamster Chase
by Anastasia Suen
ISBN: 0670889423
Book Description: The class hamster gets loose and it's up to Peter, Amy, and Archie to find him and lure him back into his cage.

How many? How much? (Get Set for Kindergarten series)
by Rosemary Wells
ISBN: 0140568069
Book Description: Timothy and his kindergarten classmates learn about counting, measuring, money, and other math concepts. Includes activities on directionality, spatial relations, and the days of the week.

How to Catch an Elephant
by Amy Schwartz
ISBN: 0789425793
Book Description: Enjoy this zany tale about a journey into the wilds where elephants live and about the fun of catching one – a process that is utterly logical and utterly nuts.

It's Justin Time, Amber Brown
by Paula Danziger
ISBN: 0399234705
Book Description: Amber wants a watch for her seventh birthday more than anything so she can feel more grown-up and she will always know exactly how late Justin Daniels, her best friend, is.

Letters and Sounds (Get Set for Kindergarten series)
by Rosemary Wells
ISBN: 0140568050
Book Description: Timothy and his kindergarten classmates learn about the alphabet, sounds, and rhyming. Includes activities on letter recognition, single and multiple syllable words, and words that start with consonants and vowels.

The Lion and the Mouse and Other Aesop Fables
by Doris Orgel
ISBN: 078942665X
Book Description: Aesop's fables are as wise and true today as they were more than 2,600 years ago. Children today are sure to enjoy these 12 timeless stories, each of which is accompanied by an interesting fact about Aesop and his time.

Minnie And Moo and the Musk of Zorro
by Denys Cazet
ISBN: 0789426528
Book Description: Moo longs for the days of heroes, the days of the derring-do of good-deed doers. As Juanita del Zorro del Moo and Dolores del Zorro del Minnie, our heroes roam the farm armed with an aerosol can of Zorro musk and a barbecue skewer, attempting to rescue the downtrodden.

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