U.S. Elections

Our lessons, printables, and activities on the U.S. electoral process provide great teaching ideas for fall, especially during an election year. Explore election requirements for the federal government with your students. You'll also find great ways for students to get involved in local politics, like holding classroom debates or writing letters to representatives. Units on civil rights and women's history will benefit from resources on the American suffrage movement.

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U.S. Elections
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Presidential Elections

Help students understand the inner workings of this process that occurs every four years in the United States. Students will learn about the overall election process, the different presidential debate procedures, and even imagine what it would be like if they were president. Each activity can be used as is or modified to better serve your goals for your classroom.


Use these printable resources to supplement lessons regarding individual states within the United States and voting. Invite students to use these maps as guides for their discussion and understanding of this important event.

Lesson Plans

You can use these lessons plans as comprehensive guides to motivate students to learn about the different components of the election process. Students will enjoy the different activities which will require them to use higher order and future ready skills.


Looking to build your resource library with more on the election process? This section can provide you a wealth of resources ranging from lesson plans, various charts and maps, or just some fun information and facts about how our government was created and how the individual elected officials are chosen.


Tired of making your own quizzes? Look no further! Review the different quizzes in this section to use as the perfect complement to your lessons and activities. You can use the quizzes as is or can modify them to better meet your teaching style or the needs of your classroom.

Language Arts & Elections Connected

Use these comprehensive guides and activities to help students connect to key concepts about the electoral process and voting. These resources will help build students reading comprehension skills and assist them in becoming more involved with the inner government workings of the United States. These guides and resources can be used as they are or adapted to meet your individual teaching style or the needs of your classroom.

Mathematics & Elections Connected

Help students understand that mathematics plays a huge rule in their lives and the electoral process by analyzing resources geared toward studying the census process. Facts, statistics, and data are pivotal components for making important decisions and are crucial factors that your students will benefit from in their effort of being future ready.

History Resources

Use these interactive activities, articles, and quizzes to build student understanding of important individuals and historical periods revolving around the election process. Your students will enjoy reading about key women who secured women’s right to vote, recall key electoral process facts, and get deep into debates during mock elections.

U.S. Presidents & Political Figures

Use these different resources to help students review different key presidents that have made an impact throughout U.S. history. With a large amount of primary and secondary sources to review, these can be a great compliment to your individual lessons and activities, or as resources for students to use as they demonstrate their understanding through projects and inquiry based tasks.

Federal Government Resources

Help students research deeper into one of the key components of the United States government. Included in this section is a large number of primary documents and teacher guided activities to ensure that your students have a deep understanding of the important role the federal government plays in the United States success.

American Suffrage Movement

Help students learn the monumental nature of this historical period of time where women won the right to vote. Your students will review key women through primary sources and literature guides to develop a deep connection to those individuals that sought to make this change for women in the United States.

Geography Resources

Go deeper with your study of the world with these printable maps of different states in the U.S. Whether you are completing a cumulative study of the United States or you just want to focus on particular subsection, these worksheets will help students in the moment during your lessons as well as a resource to study for their quizzes as well.

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