Summer Writing Practice Choice Board for Middle School


These writing summer skill-building and retention activities for middle school students are perfect for summer writing programs, summer writing camps, for use in summer school, or for take-home summer writing practice. This summer writing packet includes a choice board of 9 skills-based summer writing prompts, activities, and a collection of complementary summer writing worksheets.

Students can choose from summer writing prompts like:

Sparklers or Fireworks?

Write an opinion paragraph that tells if you think sparklers or fireworks are better. Be sure to use at least 3 opinion words throughout your paragraph and provide specific details that supports your opinion.

Compare and Contrast Book Characters

After reading a chapter book, choose two characters and write descriptions of them. Use this graphic organizer first to help you write a strong, descriptive paragraph for each. Then, add an additional paragraph that compares and contrasts each character.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Design a newspaper-summer edition style! Read through this tip sheet to create something special. Be sure to add news and updates about not just your own summer, but your friends’ as well!

Download the choice board for the rest of the summer writing practice packet!

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