Vocabulary-Building Activities Packet for Elementary and Middle School

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Building vocabulary is essential when teaching elementary and middle school students how to learn and use new words. This packet provides four vocabulary-building strategies and activities that are designed to help with word association and learning vocabulary.

Each strategy includes an overview and teaching tips, followed by a detailed example of how to implement the strategy as either independent practice or a group activity. Suggestions for modeling and formative assessment are included. The packet includes 4 no-prep printables, one for each activity.

Students can choose different vocabulary-building strategies, such as:

Word Association

Word association calls for students to connect words to things they already know. Give your students the “Word Association” paper. Tell them a vocabulary word to write in the center of the chart. Have them follow the directions to fill in the other boxes.

Vocabulary Roll the Dice

Playing games is a great way to help your students practice new vocabulary words. Through the “Roll the Dice” game, your students will learn all about a new word by defining it, thinking of synonyms and antonyms for it, and using it in a sentence.

Download the packet for all the strategies and printables.

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