After-School Activities Slideshow

Enrich after-school programs with fun and educational activities that keep children learning. This slideshow features cooperative games, arts & crafts ideas, holiday activities, hands-on science experiments, and more for Pre-K through 12th grade.
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Have fun reviewing upper and lower case letters of the alphabet with this Curious George matching game.
Teach your students the rules and strategy for playing Capture the Flag.
In this arts & crafts activity, students make a crown decorated with leaves. This will make a great project to enjoy around autumn, when children are learning about changing leaves, or as a fun costume accessory for Halloween.
Teach students about cooperation by making a sandwich together.
Review the alphabet with a fun task featuring Curious George. In this printable, children are challenged to manipulate the letters in "alphabet" to form as many words as they can.
Children can color in and cut out The Little Engine That Could jigsaw puzzle pieces, and then put the puzzle together.
Challenge your students with this fun memory game. The printable activity includes instructions and game pieces with illustrations from the Henry & Mudge series.
Improve your students' math skills with these fun card games on addition and subtraction. These activities supplement the introduction to playing cards in Dealing with Addition.
Students use an apple as a stamp.
In this arts & crafts activity, students use fallen leaves to make decorative rubbings. This is a fun way to teach students about autumn and the changing seasons while they enjoy demonstrating creativity.
Foster artistic abilities with an activity that builds skills in clay.
Extend and enhance the fun math activities in Domino Addition with this game of human dominoes.
Brighten a rainy day with this printable board game featuring characters from the Henry & Mudge series. The game follows Henry and Mudge as they deal with bad weather.
In this activity, children use a pattern to create a miniature Native American tipi.
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