4th Grade Math Worksheets

These fourth grade worksheets provide practice for all the major topics with emphasis on basic multiplication and division facts. The worksheets correlate to the Common Core State Standards for mathematics. For more practice across math subjects, view all of our math worksheets and resources.
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  • Addition

    These worksheets focus on the more advanced concepts of addition. This includes addition of fractions, decimals, addends, perimeters, and number sequences to solve specific equations.

  • Comparing Values

    These comparing values worksheets will give students practice comparing and ordering numbers with decimals,areas and large numbers.

  • Decimals

    These decimal worksheets will help your students practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and ordering sets of decimals. This will teach your students how to solve equations with decimals in them.

  • Division

    These division worksheets are great practice for your students to master their division skills including averages, conversions, remainders and factors.

  • Estimation

    These rounding and estimation worksheets focus on rounding money, numbers, and decimals as well as estimating the sums and differences of money.

  • Fractions

    These fraction worksheets will help students advance their skills on adding, simplifying, subtracting, and converting fractions. These worksheets also touch on recognizing equivalent fractions, identifying numbers, and ordering sets.

  • Geometric Figures

    Students will advance their geometry skills with these worksheets. These printables focus on acute and obtuse angles, areas of rectangles and squares, polygons, cubes, symmetry and more.

  • Graphs, Charts, and Tables

    Teach your students how to integrate data and equations into charts, graphs and tables. Learning how to graph is a very important part of grasping more advanced math concepts such as algebra, geometry and calculus.

  • Measurement

    These measurement worksheets will improve your students' ability to order seats, understand perimeters and areas of shapes, comparing and converting tables and length, and much more.

  • Money

    Improve your students' money skills with these money math worksheets. These focus on adding decimals, column addition, estimation, rounding, and more.

  • Multiplication

    Students will learn and practice more advanced forms of multiplication with these worksheets. These worksheets focus on multiplying multi-digit numbers, fractions, division, and practice speed tests of the times tables.

  • Number Sequencing

    These worksheets will improve students' skills with identifying patterns and advancing their knowledge of the times tables.

  • Place Value

    These place value worksheets will help students order sets of decimals, place values of decimals and whole numbers, and more.

  • Subtraction

    Advance your students' knowledge of subtraction with these worksheets that focus on subtracting decimals and fractions, large numbers, and much more.

  • Word Problems

    These fourth grade word problem worksheets will enhance students' skills with word problems while touching on other math concepts like addition, subtraction, decimals, and more.

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