Personal Mandalas Icebreaker


Get to know yourself, and others, with this fun personal mandala activity!

The word mandala originates from the Sanskrit word for circle. A mandala contains symbols of a person’s inner self, guiding principles, and overall ideas about the world. The significance of objects within a mandala is conveyed by shape, size, and color - and are usually abstract designs or specific drawings of people, places, and ideas that are central to a person’s life.

In this icebreaker, students will construct and illustrate a mandala that reflects their personalities and ideas about the world. Using the sample template provided and common art supplies, students can create and share a personal mandala that helps them get to know both themselves and others around them.

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Icebreakers will help you promote a well-balanced, caring environment, while helping your students get to know each other. This printable book will help you create a foundation of understanding and respect in the classroom.
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