30 Fun Activities For Teaching Math At Home Themed Packet

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Teaching math can be challenging for even the best teachers - let alone parents who may not have brushed off their math skills in many years. This themed packet includes 30 activities for elementary math that make use of everyday situations and scenarios that are easy for parents to grasp and students to learn from. Assign them as brush-up or scaffolding activities - they can be modified for students at pretty much any level of conceptual fluency.

Table of Contents

  1. Coin Toss
  2. Chalk Bull's Eye
  3. Hopscotch Skip Counting
  4. Human Battleship
  5. Grocery Budget
  6. Egg Hunt
  7. Geometry Collage
  8. Neighborhood Shape Shots
  9. Address Scavenger Hunt
  10. Coupon Clipping
  11. Fraction Swap
  12. Fruit Salad Prep
  13. Walk Watch
  14. Elapsed Time Movie Poster
  15. Video Game Battle
  16. Number Hop
  17. Time Check
  18. Konnex Angles
  19. Area Round-Up
  20. Measurement Centers
  21. Shape Guess
  22. Height Comparisons
  23. Mail Collection Data Chart
  24. Snack Estimation
  25. Symmetry Search
  26. Coin Toss
  27. Spin That Number
  28. Multiples Hunt
  29. Ounces or Pounds?
  30. Receipt Subtraction

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